INKA Entworks Receives Multiple ISO Certifications; Affirms Commitment To Highest Security Standards Providing Robust App And Cloud Security Through AppSealing And PallyCon

INKA Entworks Inc, the global leader in digital rights management software and mobile application security today announced that it has received an internationally recognized ISO certification.

20 Years of INKA Entworks – 20 YEARS IN BUSINESS

It is vital that fintech companies develop more secure applications and reduce the threat of any major attacks that compromise their integrity.

PallyCon Collaborates with Akamai to offer Forensic Watermarking Protection to OTT Content

With PallyCon as technology partner, Akamai’s intelligent edge platform has added to its anti-piracy offering to Hollywood studios and other content producers.

AppSealing And NAVER Launches The Foremost Solution To Secure Hybrid Apps

The market leader in mobile app security AppSealing has announced the introduction of a new feature to its suite of security services

AppSealing’s Real-Time Hacking Data Stream For Android App Is Live

With a lot of research, testing and development over the months, we are pleased to announce our Real-time hacking Data Stream service is lived for our customers.