About INKA Entworks

When the stakes are high, organizations trust INKA Entworks, the Content and Mobile App Security Expert.

About INKA Entworks

Our company started in 2000 in Seoul, office in Mumbai and LA provides cutting edge security technologies. Being an ISO certified company with 27001, 27017, and 27018 standards is evidence of our commitment to information security at every level of our organization.
INKA Entworks is the inventor of DRM interoperability, DRM technologies- Playready, and NCG has commercialized very successfully as a worlds-first DRM Interoperability.

We provide content and mobile app security technologies to global customers to protect their assets and business models from growing security threats. We have built robust and innovative security solutions that are easy and fast to deploy at an affordable price to protect valuable assets and businesses from Indie studios to Enterprise-class customers.

Our Mission

We exist to contribute to a better society and help those in needs with our improved technologies and services.

Our Core Values


We have a strong belief that integrity, our basic postures, lead us to the ultimate victory. So, we’re honest, transparent and committed to doing something best for the company and our customers.

People Growth

People grow then company grows. People’s growth can also be a driving force for the society to develop more abundantly. Therefore, we develop our people and support activities for the growh of people.


Respect is our fundamental attitute in between employees, with partners and customers.


We are keen to resolve the problems around us with innovative thoughts and execution which create a great business value for us and our customers. This innovation enables us to exist a permanent company.

Meet Our Team


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We strive to create a growth culture both on business
and personal level everyone involved.

Awards & Recognition

Corporate Social Responsibility

INKA Entworks has been actively engaged in CSR activities since 2009. All employees participate it and the company is constructing a fund through a matching grant method to support it. We call this activity as ‘Dasom’ which means ‘love’ in Korean old language used in early of 1900 which aligns ourselves with our mission.

We have continuously provided support for the school students who cannot pay their tuition, single parent families, childrens suffering from poverty and facility for the disabled. We try to keep extending our support to contribute to the better society. As our global presence expands, our people in multiple regions will expands its CSR activity to support society and neighborhood who are in need.