While a lot has changed since INKA Entworks was founded in 2000, our number one goal has always been the same:             To contribute to a better society and help those in need with our improved technologies and services.

Today was the day we were officially celebrating our 20th Anniversary of being in business… 

Oh COVID-19, must you ruin yet another day we had planned?

Evidently, the COVID-19 situation has once again thrown a spanner in the works and made this not possible. Despite this, we are still going to celebrate!

#20YearsofINKA #INKASpirit #WeareRemarkable

Happy Anniversary, INKA Entworks…

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a strange year so far, but there’s one part of it that won’t be canceled, not on our watch! This year is a very special one for us, as we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary.

We were not able to celebrate our 20th year in business among our colleagues. We decided to virtually connect and reflect on what it means to have #INKASpirit and how our values continue to shape our path and how #WeareRemarkable.

Two Decades of Creating Amazing Robust Technology Solutions –
PallyCon – End-to-End Content Security & Forensic Watermarking Solution
AppSealing – World’s Leading Mobile App Security SaaS Solution

This was a big day for the company, and we felt it was important to take some time to appreciate the milestone before getting back to business. Our employee’s dedication to helping our customers achieve their ambitions has been the key to achieving ours. We’ve succeeded for 20 years by recognizing and seizing big moments, and our imagination and innovation have already helped us make history, and we aren’t done yet.
Enjoy this video on how we have made this day special!

Our Past Prepared Outlook for an Exciting Future

20 years of our dynamic and dedicated team was working closely with our valued customers, learning from challenges on the way, to deliver innovative solutions to the highest expectation.

20 years of INKA Entworks successfully developing and building robust solutions that stand in the market and solve customer problems.

20 years of INKA Entworks having the honor of helping numerous start-ups, SMEs, as well as well-known large organizations.

In a world where businesses are increasingly reliant on technology, INKA sticks to its people-first philosophy.

“We’ve enjoyed remarkable growth,” says INKA founder/CEO James Sungmin Ahn. “We’ve been fortunate to hire people who are not only incredibly talented but who also had an excellent vision that guided us in the early days. We’ve built upon that and stayed focused on developing technology and services that deliver real value to our customers.”

The 20 year anniversary marks an important milestone for the company as we look back on our growth, accomplishments, and relationships built with customers, staff, and the community.

“While the threat landscape has evolved considerably over the last 20 years, our focus is the same – to help clients manage their cyber risk, avoid potential breaches and to deter, detect and respond to increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks on their content and mobile app business,” said James Sungmin Ahn, CEO at INKA Entworks. 

“INKA Entworks has experienced exceptional growth and development over the past years,” says Govindraj Basatwar, Global Head of Sales and Development. “Moving forward, our focus will remain on offering exemplary cybersecurity services and delivering on robust and continuous security growth to our clients.”

INKA’s current client roster ranges from Fortune 1000 brands to emerging startups and SMEs.

Message from the CEO- But, it’s About People

To our clients: I’m so appreciative and honored to work with our clients.  I would like to thank our clients for their belief in us and our abilities to help them achieve their goals and vision of success, while always challenging us to be better.  The INKA team is continuously enriched by the people that we’ve met and worked with at our client organizations.  Many of these people have also become friends and advisors, allowing us to grow and learn individually, and, as a company.  Thank you for your unwavering commitment and great relationships.

To our team members: To be in business for 20 years requires having incredible people in your organization.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to work every day with a group of talented, passionate, and caring people.  Your willingness to give of yourselves and help each other is very special and is deeply admired.  You are the best.

To our partners: I would also like to thank the design, programming, and global partners we collaborate with to deliver incredible work that makes a positive, sustainable impact on our client businesses.   You are fused with our team and we are proud to work with you.

Today INKA Entworks is steadily strengthening its position and gaining industry leadership through the implementation of innovative solutions, technologies, and practices.

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved in supporting INKA Entworks reaching 20 years of success. A success that has been possible because of the support of our customers who rely on our products and services and our incredible team at INKA who go the extra mile to make sure our customers are well taken care of.

Thank you for a special 20 years and here’s to celebrating the next successful chapter together.

#20YearsofINKA #INKASpirit #WeareRemarkable