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Client-Centric Security

Robust Data and Tech Security

That gives assured protection to your digital assets.

Threat Analytics Dashboard

That guides you to make intelligent data-driven decision.

Real Time Monitoring

That helps you monitor real time security threats.

About INKA Entworks

Better Security at Optimal Cost

We’re not just rethinking what’s possible with content and mobile app security–we’re revolutionizing it. At INKA Entworks, we engineer big ideas with an eye on the future, building sustainable and wide-reaching solutions that not only serve teams’ immediate needs but also instinctively evolve along with them. We believe in simple, effective actions. We value teamwork.


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Protect your data and core infrastructure

Get full control over the security threats and hacking attempts or data piracy for your technology business with cloud-based solutions

World's biggest Mobile App Security SaaS solution

SaaS based End-to-End Content Security Workflow

Patented Mobile Application Protection Solution for your Business

Protect your applications from known and unknown threats which can damage your brand image and lead to financial loss. Get comprehensive and detailed report with real-time facility and intelligent dashboard to make informed data-driven decisions.


Simple and Easy way to add Scalable Protection to your Mobile Apps

ZERO Coding required

Threat Analytics on attack vectors

Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP)

Compatible with a third-party library

Cloud based SaaS solution for End to End Content Security

Protect your content in a cloud-based content workflow with PallyCon Muti-DRM and Forensic Watermarking service.


Simple and Easy way to add Scalable Protection to your premium content.

Cloud-based SaaS built on AWS

Easy to integrate

High Performance and Reliability

Robust watermarking for premium content

Watermarking detection

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