With PallyCon as technology partner, Akamai’s intelligent edge platform has added to its anti-piracy offering to Hollywood studios and other content producers. Its clients can now easily trace license leakages to the concerned user and initiate legal action.

PallyCon, a global leader in digital rights management and forensic watermarking services, has teamed up with Akamai, the intelligent edge platform, to secure streaming video content against piracy and illegal distribution.

A large number of OTT distributors, studios, and sports rights holders use Akamai for delivering streaming services. To help protect their customers against attempts by pirates to steal their content and minimize their means of distribution, Akamai has developed a comprehensive security ecosystem of anti-piracy providers through its Technology Partner Program. By combining its own capabilities with those of key partners it’s able to address many of the common practices used by pirates such as credential theft, system hacking, rebroadcasting of stolen streams, and VPN abuse.

PallyCon’s forensic-watermarking service ensures that a content creator can trace the source of piracy of streaming content. Working in tandem with a DRM service – PallyCon offers it as SaaS – forensic watermarking helps creators identify leakages right to the last user who leaks or consumes the content illegally.

The global business head at INKA Entworks Govindraj Basatwar says, “We consider it a privilege to partner with Akamai. It has created an innovative integration of forensic-watermarking vendors in its ecosystem, which will boost the fight against piracy. PallyCon has started offering a scalable forensic-watermarking solution to customers using the Akamai edge.”

Using PallyCon’s forensic watermark service, Akamai users can identify illegal video streams at the relevant leakage points. Once a client has identified illegal distribution, it can proceed to take further action against the violators as per its legal policies.

Commenting on the integration of forensic-watermarking vendors in the Akamai ecosystem, Amit Kasturia, Senior Manager of Media Product Management at Akamai says, “Akamai clients spend millions of dollars creating and acquiring content. They bank on us to protect their revenue streams against piracy. By integrating PallyCon’s forensic watermarking solution into our network, we have bolstered our security ecosystem further. PallyCon’s solution is winning the trust of content creators by helping them identify illegal users of their offerings.”

To help clients across different sectors and sizes – from studios to regional distributors – PallyCon offers a range of subscription models. The forensic watermarking service comes clubbed with its DRM service, which a client can try for free for a month. PallyCon’s forensic watermarking suite can be applied to video streams of all resolutions.


INKA ENTWORKS, the owner of the PallyCon brand, is an industry-leading security-technology company, enabling best-quality content protection for content service providers, including global handset makers, telecoms, and content stores. Founded in 2000, it has been a pioneer in the field of digital rights management and forensic-watermarking services. Its in-app protection solution under the brand name AppSealing has set industry standards in protecting mobile apps.